Unified Medical Diagnostics

At Unified Medical Diagnostics, we are developing an early warning system to detect for the onset of stroke. We combine Artificial Intelligence technology and wearable devices to bring this to reality.

We want to empower everyone to take more control over one’s own health.

This is the future of healthcare.

About Us

At Unified…

we innovate with technology to bring unbiased health expertise & diagnostics to everyone.

Unified has embarked on a mission to bring together diverse technologies and knowledge bases to create a product that will one day serve as the early warning system for the onset of stroke.

One day, this innovation will serve everyday people as their “doctors” when their traditional doctors are unavailable or cost prohibitive.

The following are some of the the puzzle pieces that Unified Medical Diagnostics are assembling: The Artificial Intelligence engine, diverse knowledge base, and wearable technology.

We are shaping the future of healthcare.

New type of doctor’s visit

The Wearable Device

Puzzle piece #1: Gather the real-time health data

Unified Medical Diagnostics is working to incorporate wearable technologies into the communication process. Your health information monitored where you are.


The “Doctor”… of the future

Puzzle Piece #2: The Artificial Intelligence powered diagnosis engine.

With non-stop effort, technology powered diagnostics will research mountains of information to analyze, diagnose, and predict for oncoming health changes.

Unified Medical Diagnostics is building the AI engine that will generate the diagnosis. It is at the center of this initiative. For decades, the field of Artificial Intelligence has been unable to overcome some big challenges. Unified Medical Diagnostics brings a unique, holistic, and global approach to tackle those traditional roadblocks.

Unified Medical Diagnostics “leaves no stone un-turned” assessing the large volume of data and expertise gathered in the field of health and sciences.